Film Scoring 1 - An Overview of Film Scoring

This class offers an overview of the process of writing dramatic music for motion pictures, television and video.

Topics include:

  • An overview of the process of film scoring from the composer’s perspective.
  • Discussion of the roles of the members of the “music team” including: music editor, music supervisor, contractor, copyist, orchestrator, and booth supervisor.
  • Introduction to composing dramatic underscore - the creative process, introduction to “writing to timings”
  • A step by step approach to creating a cohesive/effective score: from spotting, choosing a musical vocabulary, creating themes, scoring the individual cues through to the completed project
  • Interacting with the director and producer
  • Music/film synchronization techniques
  • Synthesizer vs. acoustic scoring
  • Budgeting both time and money for scoring sessions
  • An overview of composer contracts, royalties and performing rights

    Many video and audio examples will be used to demonstrate the concepts discussed in this course.

 This class is designed to give students a better understanding of the composer's role in the filmmaking process.